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The “If you want the web to love you” Rule


The “If you want the web to love you” Rule

I have a better idea with regard to pointing to FB posts.

Since they don’t allow outgoing links from blog posts, then the new rule is no links going into FB. Instead, just copy the text from FB and paste it into the open web where it can be linked to. Rescue ideas from Facebook lockin.

I did that with Dan Conover’s post below. His post is funny, definitely worth a citation on my blog. Instead of complaining in a comment, I just took the text, credited him of course, but no link into FB.

If you want to be on the web you have to follow the rules of the web. The primary rule is that you link to other people when you want to, not when the platform lets you.

Whatever justification you have for using FB for blogging, there is no justification for FB not letting you use the most basic feature of the web.

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