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DAILYVEE seated 1: find

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DAILYVEE seated 1: find

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Date: 2017-08-20 15:56:31

HERE it is! The DailyVee SEASONS Finale. Some of the Best moments Episode 1-90. the Journey and NEVER the destination. DailyVee SEASONS 2 recap Coming soon.

Thank you for this video. I hope you keep up the I Posting on the channel, subscribe, and Share Youre learnings Need to HEAR it. Your comments are my oxygen, so take a and say ‘Hey’ ;).

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is the of the #AskVee Show, a For-profit and Remarketing focused Q&A video Shewn and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series Highlight it’s Likes to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and Publically Figural in today’s Digitally age.

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