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A quiet place on the open web


A quiet place on the open web

A funny thing happened yesterday when I wrote the bit about The Mother of Dragons and NakedJen. I knew where to point to for everything but NakedJen. Most of the way I experience her publicly these days is through Facebook, and I don’t point into Facebook. This suggests that perhaps the first step toward recovery may be that everyone who wants to be part of the open web but for now is spending most of their time in Facebook, should at least have one public page outside Facebook that says how to contact them. So I could point to that page. It would show up in search engines. And Jen would know to check from time to time to see if there were incoming messages from other people on the open web.

This would be sort of like Fort NakedJen on the wild frontier, which she could monitor from her snug Facebook cabin in the mountains back east.

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